Christmas and New Year Waste Collections, 2014/15

There will be no rubbish, clinical waste, recycling or garden waste collections on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.

If your garden waste or recycling collection is due on Christmas Day or Boxing Day, it will be collected on Saturday 27 December.

Rubbish and clinical waste will be collected on the scheduled collection day the following week.

The table below shows how collections are affected, to view your households full collection calendar go to

Date Rubbish/Clinical Recycling/Garden
Christmas Day

Thursday 25


No collection

Next collection on

Thursday 1 January.

No collection 

Next collection on

Saturday 27 December.

Boxing Day

Friday 26 December

No collection

Next collection on Friday 2 January.

No collection

Next collection on

Saturday 27 December.

 These are the only collection days that are affected over Christmas, all other collections will remain unchanged.

Household Waste and Recycling Centres.

The Household Waste and Recycling Centres will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

Christmas trees

We will collect real Christmas trees in the weeks starting 12 January and 19 January.  Put your tree out on your normal rubbish collection day on the alternate week to your recycling collection. The trees will be collected for free and then shredded and composted.

You can also take your tree to the Household Waste and Recycling Centres.


Christmas cards

There are various charity collections for Christmas cards.  You can also put them in your cardboard bag as part of your household recycling collection.



Envelopes can go in your household recycling collection.  White envelopes should go into the paper bag, coloured or brown envelopes should go with the cardboard.

Wrapping paper

We can take wrapping paper that isn’t coated with foil or plastic.  Please put all non-shiny wrapping paper in bag for paper, and remove any sticky tape, string or ribbons.


Over Christmas there are a lot of extra cardboard boxes. Flatten the boxes and put them in the orange cardboard bag.

If the boxes are too big, flat pack them, tie them in a bundle and put them out next to your recycling. If you have very large amounts of cardboard, you can either take it to your local Household Waste and Recycling Centres or put it out for the kerbside collection over a couple of weeks.

Tin Foil

Put scrunched up tin foil into the sack for plastic bottles and cans.

Chocolate and biscuit tins

You can put chocolate and biscuit tins out for recycling in the sack for plastic bottles and tins. We can only accept metal sweet and biscuit tins. We can’t take the plastic tubs.

Additional recycling

If you have more kerbside recycling then usual, please put it out in carrier bags.  Glass bottles and jars must be put in a rigid box.

Food waste

Many of us tend to over cater at Christmas, and this shows in the amount of food and extra rubbish we collect in the New Year.

The best way to reduce food waste is to write a shopping list and stick to it.

Think about how many people you will be feeding and just buy enough for them. Remember, if you don’t like sprouts, you don’t have to buy them!


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