Various groups and committees contribute to the governance of St Ive and Pensilva, as outlined below. Committees may consist of both voting members of the Parish Council, as well as members of the public who have been co-opted on assist and join discussions. The chair (Peter Haimes) and vice-chair (Ruth Wilson) of the Parish council must also serve on all sub-committees (but are not listed below for the sake of brevity).

These committees meet regularly and make recommendations to be brought to the next full council meeting. For details of when they meet, please see the previous committee minutes and upcoming agendas.

Finance and Administration (FAC)

Consisting of: Tony Hodson (chair), Martin Corney, Ivor Vaughan, and Alan Moss.

FAC seek to understand the cashflow, ensure the precept is being used efficiently, and make cost savings where possible.


Consisting of: Alan Moss (chair), Tony Hodson, Martin Corney, and Ivor Vaughan.

Planning application recommendations to Cornwall Council are made by the Planning Committee, without requiring the authority of the full council. Occasionally, where timings don’t permit Planning Committee to convene in time to meet deadlines, planning applications may be brought to full council meetings instead.

Parks and Open Spaces

Consisting of: Ivor Vaughan (chair), Nigel Libby, Marlene Carr, and Martin Corney.

Parks and Open Spaces ensures the upkeep of land owned by the parish, including public parks, playing fields, the cemetery, as well as designated footpaths.

Neighbourhood Development Planning Working Group

Consisting of: Angie Haimes (chair), Rosemary Farley, and Peter Dipper (co-opted).

This group aims to create a Neighbourhood Development plan, which is a right given by the Localism Act to enable communities greater control over development in their area. It will enable us to setting planning policies that Cornwall Council must adhere to when considering applications, as well as Neighbourhood Development Orders will give our parish the power to grant planning applications directly when they align with our development plan. For more information, see the government guidance page on Neighbourhood Planning.

Internet Steering Group

Consisting of: James Bruce (chair), Martin Corney

Internet Steering Group manages the web presence of the Parish Council and Millennium House, including web sites and Facebook pages. They’re also responsible for auditing the various IT systems currently in place.

Personnel Committee

Consisting of: Angie Haimes (chair), Rosemary Farley, Marlene Carr, and Kathleen Parkes.

Personnel Committee ensures a good working relationship between the Parish Council and those employed by it. This includes all staff at Millennium House.

Millennium House Management Committee

Consisting of: Alan Moss (chair), Ivor Vaughan, Marlene Carr, Nigel Libby, Angie HAimes, Kathleen Parkes, James Bruce, and Rosemary Farley.

The MHMC is broadly concerned with all aspects of running and maintaining the Millennium House, outside of personnel issues. They seek to increase overall utilization of the centre and ensure its long term viability in our community.