Cemetary and Burial Regulations 2021

These regulations can also be downloaded as a PDF.

  • All inquiries for burial or interment of ashes, erection of headstones or monuments and payment should be made to the Clerk of the Parish Council.
  • Applications should be made with at least 72 hours written notice whenever possible.
  • Fees are payable on application.
  • No headstone will be permitted on graves unless the ground has been purchased. For restrictions on headstones and vases see the cemetery scale of charges.
  • Where an exclusive Right of Burial has not been purchased, the Council reserve the right to bury a body or bodies in the grave, but not sooner than 25 years from the date of the previous internment, provided the grave shall not have been purchased in the meantime.
  • Each first burial shall not be less than 1.83 metres in depth, except for a child under twelve years of age when a depth of 1.37 metres will suffice.
  • The Cemetery will be open to visitors at all times but the Parish Council reserve the right to close it as and when necessary or in the public interest.
  • All refuse and trimmings should be placed in the rubbish containers provided.
  • After three months from the date of internment only one temporary vase or wreath shall be permitted at the head of each grave until such time as a permanent vase, tablet or headstone is erected, when the remainder of the grave shall be levelled with the ground. Should any additional vases, wreaths or ornaments remain after this time the Caretaker has the Parish Councils authority to remove them and place them in the debris bay.
  • Initially all graves should be left no more than 15.2cm above ground level to allow for sinkage. The Parish Council reserves the right to reduce the height to 15.2cm above ground level and charge the undertaker for the cost of this work.
  • The cemetery is grassed for ease of maintenance and mown at the Parish Councils expense. No planting shall be undertaken within the grave space, nor can it be altered in any way. Floral decorations and wreaths may be placed on any grave. When these are seen to be decaying, the Parish Council reserves the right to remove and dispose of them if the owner fails to do so. The Parish Council reserves the rights to remove without notice any receptacle for flowers, damaged ornaments etc that it considers unsuitable or broken. Glass containers are strictly prohibited.
  • The Parish Council respectively asks that the Cemetery is left as you would wish to find it.
  • The Parish Council have a “No Dog” on site rule including dogs on lead. Exceptions may be considered for guide dogs and dogs for the disabled with prior permission from the Parish Council.

Reviewed and updated by St Ive Parish Council June 2021 – J. Hoskin (Parish Clerk) 01579 363096