2 thoughts on “Wolf Centre Presentation

  1. Just to clarify my posts above (after strong criticism) – I was trying to report/summarise what was said at the meeting so that people who could not make the meeting had an idea about what went on. I took notes and tried to reflect what was said in a balanced way. The posts above do not reflect my own personal opinion and are not the position of the parish council.

  2. In spite of short notice, the open forum question and answer session was very well attended. There seemed to be about the same number of people who welcomed the Wolf Centre as were hostile. Shaun Ellis said that the Wolf Centre has 7 mature wolves, all raised in captivity. The wolf enclosure will be kept about 40m from the road and buildings are being soundproofed. The noise should be less annoying than the nearby dog kennels. Livestock and horses will not be disturbed. His daughter rides her horse by the wolves OK. They will have a small number of visitors (about 6 at a time) who will stay in local B&B. They have never had a wolf escape and they advise internationally as containment is their speciality. – Neighbours were concerned about the noise and risk of wolves, also a previous mobile home on the site burned out as the fire brigade did not have adequate water pressure when they attended. Under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 the completed accommodation for the wolves will have to be licensed by Cornwall Council.

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